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Our Tutors

Our tutors are verified experts in their subjects, and their first priority is to help your student improve. They come from many different backgrounds, from college students to graduate students to doctors, but they all share at least one thing in common... they have a passion to help others understand and love their subjects as much as they do.



What Makes Us Different?


We understand that not every student learns in the same way.  Some do well in one-on-one settings in a library or at the student's home.  Others may feel more comfortable working with a tutor online.

We give you the option to work with a thoroughly-vetted tutor of your own choosing, either online or in-person, with a background/age that you feel comfortable with, as well.

We also offer tutors in every price range.

Barbara Champagne, Founder

 I have been a high school teacher and tutor for over 25 years, in the areas of math (all levels up to and including AP Calculus) and science (Biology (through AP), Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology).  After working as a tutor for one of the big Test Prep Centers for years, I joined a friend and we taught an SAT prep course on Long Island. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Wellesley College, and my Master's degree in Medical Science from Boston University School of Medicine.